Building the Dreammachine: Part 2

Living the dream while fighting mat board...

Building the Dreammachine: Part 2
Building the Dreammachine in Enigmatic Labs

This is Part 2 of a series about a stroboscopic device called the Dreammachine. In this free members-only post I'll discuss how I built one. Check out my earlier post for the backstory on the origin of this object and what it does.

Building the Dreammachine

One thing I've learned is that regardless of how straight forward a project might seem, building anything physical is 10x harder than coding software. When you create something tangible, not only does it have to be fit to purpose, there's the aesthetic side of the house too. If you're going to put in the effort, you want it look good.

If you screw up a program or a script, just back up a few characters, rethink your logic, and try again. When there's actual construction involved, a mistake is often costly in terms of time and material. Manufacturers often use the term "higher order assembly" for when when you take an assembled part and install it in another assembled part. The further up the chain you go, the more expensive it becomes when you spot a defect or a mistake because you might have to scrap the entire assembled component.

"Measure twice and cut once" is really the mantra. Not specific to cutting but in every decision made along the way. Be careful choosing the right base materials because it might hurt you later on when something doesn't fit correctly or can't be molded or attached to something else. Careful planning and patience up front can save a ton of effort down the line.

Enter the Dreammachine in the conversation.

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